The Alluring Excuses We Make for Going on a Diet

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I’m going on a diet. This time I’m really going to try it.

The Chatter That Ensues…

No more snacking, no more junk. The latest sugar free, carb free, gluten free, calorie free, food free plan is going to be a slam dunk!

Let’s see… a birthday party next week, guess I won’t be attending. Wait, Thanksgiving in two weeks, is this torture never ending?

And then of course comes December with all the holiday parties and delectable delights.Good Lord, what does anyone expect me to eat, who can stop at just a few bites?

This diet is too hard, even thought it hasn’t technically begun. Now where did I stash that chocolate, I’m officially done.

Oh well, January first is a good time to come up with the solution. I’ll eat what I want and then change my ways come next year, why it’s the perfect can’t fail resolution!

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Looking back on my years of dieting, the absurdity of it all is now so crystal clear. 

But we’ve all probably been there, stuck in the horrendous cycle of diet/restriction, cheat on diet, feel like crap, rinse and repeat. 

Except if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then it’s a duck. So “eating clean” or a “health detox” is still a diet, and therefore it will not work.  Because diets don’t work. 

That bears repeating: diets don’t work! 

But it’s Summer, and more than half of people that made “healthy” resolutions this year have already thrown in the towel. Inevitably, you “failed” because you were weak, lazy, or lacked willpower. {Insert your own inner critic’s blather.} But the real reason is because it was a diet wrapped up in a pretty new package. And one more time for good measure: DIETS DON’T WORK!

Can You Get Off The Diet Roller Coaster?

After years of yo yo dieting, I thought I found a happy middle ground with food. You could call it a truce with food and fighting my body. But then I heard about Paleo and innocently thought, yeah, I should take charge of my health this year. I fooled myself into thinking this isn’t a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle! But that damn duck, it was a diet all along.

I am confident that I will be able to stick with my healthy lifestyle this time, because it is a non-restrictive, a non-diet shift.  It’s been about 15 months for me since I gave up dieting for good.Some might call it intuitive eating.  Some might call it “eating whatever the hell I want“. 

I’ll call it perfectly imperfect eating, and that’s perfect for me.

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