The Daily Growth Habit: This ONE Concept Can Change Your Life

One of the biggest challenges when trying to recover from an eating disorder (or with any goals you set for yourself) is actually following through and taking consistent action toward the life you dream of living or the person you dream of being. 

Motivation is not static. It ebbs and flows. So often, we end up getting stuck because we rely on a momentary spurt of determined motivation that eventually fades. Typically, when we face some sort of obstacle or setback.

We need something beyond our motivation to help us stay on track because like all of our human emotions, motivation comes in waves and phases. And while there will be peaks, there will also be valleys, and this inconsistency simply does not support growth. 

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Powerfully simple life-changing concept

This is where our life-changing concept comes in. Think of your entire life as an exchange of energy and time. The amount of energy you have is finite, and we all have the same amount of time in our day. 1% of those 24 hours is roughly 15 minutes.

When you look at your day and life from that purely mathematical perspective, you can begin to take inventory and see what portion of your time and energy goes where.

This can be an uncomfortable exercise for many of us. Perhaps you are battling an eating disorder and are faced with how much of your time is actually spent on the obsessive thoughts and behaviors that typically come with it. Or when you are actively pursuing recovery they myriad of appointments with your treatment team.

Maybe you realize how much time and energy something outside of an eating disorder has cost you, even though you know it’s not the best for you. 

The point is to understand that you have the power to choose where and how you invest your energy. To recognize that every single percentage of time you have and how you spend it matters. 

You have the power to choose where and how you invest your energy

Small changes lead to big results

Many of us believe that we have to implement massive changes to achieve our goals. That we need to take tremendous action in order to become the person we want to be. But that’s a misperception.

Really, the opposite is true. Whether it’s your recovery or anything else, progress comes from small, consistent habits – those 15 minutes a day. 

“[Your] choices determine the difference between who you are and who you could be. Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

-James Clear

You get to where you want to be by committing to invest 15 minutes, 1% of your day, every single day, to a life-affirming habit. That’s all you need. This is the Daily Growth Habit.

The fun part is that these small commitments compound and build momentum. Little things add up when done consistently.

Once you get going, you can begin to layer your growth habits. Little by little, you will see how much better you feel when you do them, and when you prioritize your self-care in manageable ways.

Setting yourself up for success

Of course, there will be periods when you stop doing one of these daily growth habits. We’re all only human, and inconsistency is an inherent part of our experience. When that happens, you can simply add it back in and come back to it.

Like a house plant you forgot to water for a week, looking droopy and sad, you can just give it some water and it perks back up.

You, just like the plant, are a living, breathing system that needs to be nurtured and cared for. And you, just like the plant, can lose a lot of your vitality if you stop nourishing yourself and your growth habits over a prolonged period of time.

It’s not about doing it perfectly, it’s just about doing it. If you fall out of the rhythm, you can always just pick yourself up and get back into it.

So take 1% of your day, a mere 15 minutes, and invest it in something that is going to nurture the life you want to live and the person you want to be.

And if you need a little bit of motivation and emotional encouragement, we’re here to help! Get free access to our audio library of affirmations that you can play right in your podcast player.

We will continue to add new affirmations every new moon and full moon since that has been the natural rhythm in which farmers and gardeners have sowed seeds and harvested crops for millennia.

This can be your first official daily growth habit to work on changing your narratives and befriending your inner voice – let’s grow and bloom together!

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