The Gift You Can Give Yourself This Holiday

image of hand holding coffee filled mug that says "joy" on it- depicting holiday

This Holiday…

With everything looming

Holiday cheer seems out of grasp,

And with my life all-consuming

I am not sure how long I can make the smiles last.

My heart feels heavy

And my joy slowly fades,

How I wish I could be happy

On this special holiday…

You know what? Forget it.

I am going to just be.

Because I am enough where I am,

I am enough just as me.

Gift Yourself

I will find peace with this day

And love myself through it still,

Because a date on the calendar

Does not change that my soul deserves to be filled.

I may not be

In the place that I wanted right now,

But I have air in my lungs

And today, I got up somehow.

I will find one thing to be thankful for

Every time I want to give in,

And that is the gift I will give myself this holiday…

Because I deserve it. The end.

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