The Menstrual Cycle Demystified with Dr. Anita Johnston

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Throughout history, the moon has been associated with the feminine. Cyclical in nature, the moon completes an orbit around Earth in 28 days. In approximately the same time frame, a woman goes through her own cycle of waxing and waning. In this show, eating disorder expert Dr. Anita Johnston, author of the best-selling book Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationship to Food Through Myths, Metaphor and Storytelling and clinical director of Ai Pono Maui, shares her wisdom on how to work with your menstrual cycle, not against it. Tune in, this is a show that will support you for many moons to come.

What You’ll Learn from Anita Johnston

  • Why women should honor the innate power behind their menstrual cycle
  • What is the difference between sacred and shameful secrets
  • When is the best time of the month to access your creativity and your intuition
  • The powerful metaphor for life and emotions that is held within menstruation
  • How rituals and stories can heal your relationship with your menstrual cycle and your body

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Favorite Quote

Don’t get stuck looking at the finger pointing to the moon; look at the moon.

Favorite Recovery Resource

Warrior Moment

Listening to my intuition and reconnecting with an old friend.

Definition of Recovery according to Anita Johnston

Knowing the difference between physical hunger and soul hunger.

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