The one BIG LIE that holds you back from taking action and creating change in recovery

Could you be falling for a lie that’s keeping you stuck and stagnant in recovery?

Get ready to uncover the truth, and find the courage to make BIG strides.

In the latest episode of Fear Less, an audio series on The Recovery Warriors Show podcast channel, Jessica Flint and Andrea Wells explore the concept of why “ready” is a lie, and that being ready is not a feeling, but a decision. They share personal experiences and stories to illustrate how waiting to feel ready can actually prevent us from achieving our recovery goals.

Keep reading to learn more about the “ready” lie, and discover the truth about getting ready to recover.

Embracing the Fear and Going for It

As we have talked about in our earlier episodes, fear is not as scary as it seems.

Life is full of surprises, and if you’re waiting for the perfect moment to take action, you could be waiting forever. 

As Jessica emphasizes, waiting until you feel ready may cause you to miss out on countless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. 

Ready is not a feeling. It is a decision; an action.

Jessica Flint

Andrea chimes in, sharing her personal experience when she accepted the offer to become a regular host on the podcast. 

Despite feeling unprepared and fearful, she decided to take the leap, and it has been incredibly worthwhile.

Learning from Past Experiences

Andrea then recalls a life-changing experience that taught her the importance of being ready even when you don’t feel ready.

She shares her journey of meeting her now-husband for the first time in person.

As someone recovering from an eating disorder, she had body image struggles and fear about how he would perceive her.

Seeking advice and support, she was told that waiting for readiness may never happen.

Instead, she had to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Inspired by this advice, she booked her flight and took the plunge, ultimately leading to a fulfilling relationship.

The Impulse to Act vs. Readiness

Finding the balance between impulsiveness and readiness can be tricky. 

It’s like being on a seesaw, trying not to crash to the ground on either side.

If you always act on impulse without considering readiness, you might find yourself in over your head, making rash decisions, and facing avoidable failures. 

On the other hand, if you keep waiting for the perfect moment each time, life might just pass you by, and you’ll miss out on some fantastic opportunities.

Jessica reflects on her own impulsive nature, often being the one to jump headfirst into situations.

While impulsivity can sometimes lead to taking action, she acknowledges the value of patience and slowly embracing the unknown. 

Just as a flower unfolds naturally, readiness can also be a nurturing process, allowing us to grow at our own pace.

Quotes to Ponder

Need some inspiration to get you to take action?

Jessica shares the value and inspiration you might get from the book, “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach

Radical Acceptance is the willingness to experience ourselves and our lives as it is.

Tara Brach

The book encourages you to fully live your life, accepting imperfections and embracing the fear and anxiety that come along with it. 

And as Jessica said,

True freedom is being able to tolerate imperfection and embrace the unknown.

Jessica Flint


Remember that taking action and creating change in your life requires you to embrace discomfort and be willing to sit in the unknown.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment or until you feel ready. “Ready” is a lie!

Take a listen to the full episode and be empowered to take the leap and trust that your journey will be worthwhile.

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