The Poem that Will Make Your Jaw Drop…

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Stories from fellow warriors can be a powerful asset in recovery. By hearing the stories of other people we can find inspiration and motivation needed in our own journeys to healing and recovery. Below is an amazing and creative poem about eating disorder recovery written by Recovery Warrior Sivan Komatsu.

The recovery poem

“i have no strength to go on
and i do not believe
i can keep pushing through
i am the one who is unloved
and there’s no way i can believe
i can do this
all i can say is
i won’t ever love myself
no longer can i say
i have so much support
and clearly
i am all alone
it’s dumb to believe
i can get better
there is a never ending war within my head
i would never say that
i can recover”

– Sivan Komatsu

Now read from bottom to top!

Pretty amazing, huh?

(Last Updated: May 13, 2022)

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  1. says: Magda

    How gorgeous! I’ve seen this style used in another poem but haven’t come across this one, its made my day. What a great reframing mantra, thanks.

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