There Is Always Hope- A Poem for the Courageous Warriors

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There Is Always Hope:

For years I was in darkness;

A shell of myself,

Cold and distant,

Numb to everything but despair.

Pain buried deep inside.

Knowing I was loved, 

yet believing I was unlovable.

Stuck in a cycle,

Clinging to ‘safety’.

Walls built so high no one could reach me.

Defensive. Unfeeling. Deceiving.


“You will never heal from this”

But now,

I see the sun rise and feel it’s warmth.

Blossoming into myself

Perfectly imperfect.

Experiencing the rollercoaster that is life,

Showing up in vulnerability.

Acknowledging pain,

And beginning to heal.

Accepting myself for who I am.

Allowing myself to love and be loved.

There is nothing safe in vulnerability,

Yet in knocking down those walls 

I freed myself,

Letting in the world,

And the endless possibilities of life.

Broken. Recovering. Feeling. Living.


I am getting there.

There is always hope.

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