This ONE decision can lead to surprising positive shifts in your recovery

Recovery from an eating disorder or addiction is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes time, effort, and most importantly, a deep commitment to change.

In a recent episode of Recover Strong on The Recovery Warrior Shows podcast channel, hosts Jessica Flint and Andrea Wells discussed how making the decision to commit in recovery can spark a series of positive shifts towards healing.

They also share how commitment has played a role in some exciting changes to come here at Recovery Warriors, and what that means for your recovery journey.

Keep reading for five highlights from their conversation about these changes, and how making the decision to commit can change everything.

1. Embracing Commitment

The episode begins with a powerful message about the commitment required for a successful recovery. Jessica and Andrea share their personal stories on the process of deciding to fully commit to eating disorder recovery, and the difference it made.

Their discussion highlights the long-term nature of the healing process and the need to remain consistent and dedicated.

They emphasize that recovery is not about perfection but about making a daily commitment to change and growth.

2. The Courage Club: A Path to Transformation

One of the exciting changes discussed in this episode is the re-launch of the Courage Club, a monthly membership program designed to support individuals on their recovery journey.

Jessica explain that the program offers a safe and intimate community feel within the larger Recovery Warriors community. The Courage Club will highlight the importance of commitment and cultivating connection with like-minded individuals who are truly invested in recovery, to further help you along in your own journey.

3. The Power of Colors

Another big change is the new brand colors for Recovery Warriors!

Jessica shared the process of choosing the new brand colors, and how the power of committing to these colors has spring boarded into further commitment and progress for Recovery Warriors as a whole.

Each color represents a unique aspect of recovery. Jessica shared the color names and meaning behind them:

Radical Red

Bold and daring, this color embodies the strength and determination necessary for long-term recovery. It represents pushing boundaries, challenging ingrained beliefs, and finding the warrior within. “Radical Red” is a reminder that transformation often requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.

On the Brink Pink

This delicate shade of pink signifies the vulnerable phase at the beginning of the recovery journey. It represents the uncertainty and fear one may face when taking those initial steps towards healing. However, it also symbolizes hope, resilience, and the courage to confront the unknown.

Inner Beauty Pink

This shade represents reconnecting with our essence and embracing our unique qualities. It emphasizes the importance of self-love and acceptance, urging you to recognize the beauty that lies within you. This empowering color celebrates the strength found in embracing our individuality.

In the Nude Pink

This gentle shade symbolizes embracing vulnerability and authenticity. Recovery is about shedding the masks we wear and rediscovering our true selves. “In the Nude” encourages us to let go of societal expectations and embrace imperfections, finding beauty in our raw, unfiltered selves.

Jessica invites you to reflect on the meaning of these colors in your own recovery journeys.

4. Expansion and New Beginnings

The episode also announces exciting changes to The Recovery Warrior Shows Podcast channel!

Andrea Wells, who previously listened to the channel during her own recovery journey, has now become an integral part of the team. She’s taken on the position of podcast producer and alongside Jessica, they’re spearheading the expansion of the Recovery Warriors podcast channel.

They announced that Andrea will now be taking over as host of Recover Strong. She and Jessica will co-host a series of episodes as a send off to Jessica as she starts her new show on the podcast channel called Love & Learn. They also teased another forthcoming show, In My Body, which will be focused on the body image healing journey.

5. Personal Transformation

Jessica and Andrea reflect on their own personal transformations and the impact that Recovery Warriors has had on their journeys. They emphasize the power of self-reflection and daily self-monitoring as important tools for growth and change. They acknowledge the progress they have made in their own recovery and express gratitude for the support from the Recovery Warriors community.


In this episode of the Recovery Warrior Shows, Jessica Flint and Andrea Wells provide valuable insights into the power of commitment and the exciting changes happening at Recovery Warriors.

From the launch of the Courage Club and the selection of new colors, to personal transformations and expansion plans, this episode is a testament to the strength and resilience of individuals on their recovery journeys.

Through commitment, the embracing of colors, and navigating fears and grief, you can find the support and inspiration needed to recover and thrive.

So whether you’re a long-time listener of the Recovery Warrior Shows or new to the recovery journey, this episode is bound to inspire you, encourage self-reflection, and provide valuable tools and resources for personal growth and transformation.

Embrace commitment, explore the power of colors, and embark on a new chapter of your recovery with Recovery Warriors and the Courage Club.

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