Are Those “Extra” Pounds Really Weighing You Down?

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You know those extra ?#!-%#$ pounds?  The ones you’ve gained and lost and gained again in what you call “recovery.

The ones you can feel as you gain them.

With every bite of the evening snack that you force yourself to painfully swallow down. As you catch yourself feeling like you didn’t exercise long enough today?

The ones you feel on your legs as you walk a little bit faster to burn a few more calories? That you lose when you feel the anxiety in your life rising until you use the high of the emptiness to propel you through the scary times. The pounds you can see in every picture. Those extra pounds that make your favorite pair of pants too tight.

Those extra pounds….

The ones you base your mood on? Your day on? The ones you obsess about losing before that important date? Before you see that certain person again? Before that holiday? That trip? That dance? That get together?

Well… what if you knew that the ONLY person who actually cares about those extra pounds is YOU? 

What if you were the only one who even noticed them?

What if others not only didn’t notice those “extra” pounds, but they DID notice how your smile lights up brighter when you have been nourished? Or how your laugh is louder when you are free of the obsessive thoughts of counting and comparing? What if those pounds actually keep you from real recovery?

Are you going to spend the rest of your life struggling with those “extra” pounds?

Because what if the only true way to really be free of them is ironically by embracing them and actually holding on to them? Wearing them proudly? And accepting them?

What if…

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(Last Updated: July 29, 2022)

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