Top 6 Recovery Warriors Articles of All Time

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Reading was an invaluable part of my recovery.  I didn’t have a treatment team to help me (which I recommend you get if at all possible!), but I tried to be my own treatment team. Scouring the internet for information and articles was one thing that was immensely beneficial .

When you saturate yourself in the world of eating disorder recovery, you own recovery begins to feel more within reach.

That said, Recovery Warriors is one of the greatest resources ever! There are a plethora of articles in the Recovery Warriors online magazine that offer hope, help, and support for people who need it.

Recovery Warriors online magazine has been up and running for awhile now. Over the years, there have been some amazing pieces published. But which of these have been the most amazing so far?

Well, the wait is over.

Here are the top 6 Recovery Warriors articles of all time:

1. 11 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone With An Eating Disorder

Do you have someone in your life who shows signs of an eating disorder? Knowing what to say to them is so difficult. Often, the things you may think may be helpful can do the most harm. This article will help you make sure your words are helpful, not harmful.

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2. “Just Eat a Hamburger”: Why Recovery From Anorexia Isn’t So Simple

People who have never experienced an eating disorder often have a very simplistic view of them. Those who’ve been there know that you should never underestimate what a person is going through to fight the demons of an eating disorder. It goes way beyond eating a hamburger or putting down the fries. It goes into the depths of a soul, of a life, of a journey; it is a person trying to live and love beyond what they are capable of comprehending. The struggle is real, so let us not diminish the work that it takes to recover.

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3. What Does it Mean to Recover From An Eating Disorder?

Alice Doeblin paints a beautiful picture of what recovery from an eating disorder really look like. It’s so much more than just about the food, and Alice really gets that. Whether you’re just beginning your recovery, or have been recovered for awhile, you’ll love this meaningful piece of work.

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4. Why You Need to Stop Thinking of Food as Good And Bad

People all around you give you the message that food is either “good” or “bad”. How often has someone told you, “I’m so bad, I ate _____”.  It’s common, but it’s not right! Learn how to neutralize food once and for all with this great article.

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5. What It’s REALLY Like to Live With an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a complex psychological illness that often comes with negative or dangerous physical consequences. It’s exceptionally hard to be affected by an eating disorder, and unfortunately many people just can’t imagine what it’s like. This article does a wonderful job of weaving story telling and facts to help people understand what it’s like to have an eating disorder.

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6. 4 Reasons Why I Share My Story and How It Strengthens My Daily Recovery

Eating disorders are often surrounded by feeling of shame. Sharing your story can feel overwhelmingly scary. It’s not easy to be open and vulnerable about you eating disorder. It might not be easy, but it can be worth it.  Read this fascinating article to find out why one woman is choosing to share her story, and why you should too.

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There you have it, Warriors! The best of the best. You got this! ????

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