Why You Need to Trust the Process of Recovery If You Want To Be Free

Learning to trust the process of recovery is essential in order to heal from an eating disorder.

One of the questions I get asked often as a therapist guiding clients through recovery is

“Do you really think I can recover? Do you really think it’s possible?”

My answer is always the same: absolutely.

Possible, But Not Easy

It is so tough to allow healing. After all, the eating disorder has been a constant companion in the driver seat for a long time. Taking the steering wheel and driving (recovery) can feel unknown and terrifying.

Give Yourself Compassion

Give yourself some compassion: it IS unknown and scary at first! In fact, it can feel uncertain for a while until you get into your groove of recovery. Until you’re quick to do the opposite of whatever the ED says. And until you begin to find a neutral space within your body’s experience.

Trust The Process of Recovery

But until that point – allow yourself some space to trust the process. Recovery and healing from the emotional abuse of the eating disorder takes time.

Along the way, you learn more about yourself – what you value, what you need, and who you are – than you ever had when the eating disorder was at the wheel.

You’re on your way to a life free from the eating disorder.

Getting through the tough days in recovery tests your strength, but remember: the only way through is through. Take a deep breath.

You’ve got this warrior!

(Last Updated: October 21, 2022)

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