3 Things I Wish I’d Been Told During My Recovery with Valerie Martin

Valerie Martin
Valerie Martin is a therapist, coach, blogger at Waking Up in Wonder and regular contributor to Recovery Warriors online magazine. As a Primary Therapist at The Ranch residential treatment center, Valerie works daily with eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and co-occurring mental health issues. With a personal history of eating disorder recovery, she is passionate about helping women reconnect to their potential for a rich and meaningful life in recovery from destructive addictions and attachments. In this show we cover the three things that she wish she’d been told during her recovery.

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This is a part of your self discovery process and it will all make sense later. ~ Valerie Martin

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It’s never been true, not anywhere at anytime, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit is dependent on a number on a scale. We are unrepeatable beings of light and space and water who need these physical vehicles to get around, and when we start defining ourselves by that which can be measured or weighed, something deep within us rebels.

We don’t want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our lives to be hot fudge sundaes. We want to come home to ourselves. ~Geneen Roth

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