Who Am I Kidding? Recovery Is Hard (a poem from a girl who gets it)

Am I kidding - image of person sitting with head on knees in floral clothingWho am I kidding?

Recovery is hard.
My head is always spinning,
I never seem to be winning.

I relapse again.
I feel guilty,

it doesn’t seem to end.

It seems like I spend all day
devoted to ED.
But then I say enough.

What I’ve been through has been rough

but I refuse to give up.

I am tough.
I know that I am enough.

Who am I kidding?

Recovery isn’t easy.
It’s stressful
and the end is hard to foresee.

But I know,
that if I have strength and believe,

I too, can soon be free.

Image: @helenaperezgarcia

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