Why Don’t You See What I See?

you see. illustration of a woman's face from the side with eyes closed.

Why Don’t You See What I See?

A thousand tears fall from the face of a girl,
As she looks in the mirror, dreaming to be free.
Her loved one holds onto her, smiles and says,

“Why don’t you see what I see?”

She feels like she’s losing a constant battle,
Between her body and her brain
She’s tired and weak and dizzy when she stands,
And she’s constantly in pain. 

You see this girl has an eating disorder,
Anorexia Nervosa they say. 
All she knows is that she hates how she looks,
But it’s not always been this way.

She was healthy before and full of life,
But her insecurities got in the way.
And past life events were traumatic and tough,
Now her body is having to pay. 

She’s irritable, confused and has trouble sleeping,
And she’s obsessed with her weighing scales,
Her periods have stopped, but she’s bloated as hell,
And she’s losing her hair and her nails. 

She finds herself checking food packets all day,
Adding up all the sugars and fat.
This becomes part of her daily routine,
To make sure her tummy stays flat. 

Her clothes are all baggy, and she covers herself up,
To keep bad attention away.
But she doesn’t seem to have any answers as to why,
Her eyes and her face are so grey. 

Her family, they know, but they don’t understand,
Why she wants to be this way.
They simply don’t get it, it isn’t a choice,
But the voices, she must obey. 

They tell her she’s worthless and not worthy of food,
And they fill her with guilt and shame.
They taunt her and strip her of her rights to survive,
And make her feel like she’s the one to blame.

People always stop and stare and point,
And yell “Jesus, get her some food!”
But these comments don’t help, they make it all worse,
She’s already suffering with her mood.

But what she doesn’t know yet, is there is help out there,
From people who are dedicated and kind.
They can help you recover and get back on your feet
And help with your frame of mind. 

The future can be great for those struggling as well,
Have courage, be brave, be strong.
Speak up and ask for the help that you need,
This disease doesn’t have to be life-long. 

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