Why Embracing Change is Essential For Your Recovery

Recovery Warriors - Why embracing change is critical to your recovery

Change is an inevitable part of life. It happens naturally and artificially. The seasons change and so do we as time passes. Not all changes are positive and pleasant; but they are often necessary and beneficial in some way.

In regards to recovery; change is one of the most difficult pieces in one’s journey. In order to  have a healthy mind, body, and spirit; one must adapt, alter, and/or make revisions that will support that. Change requires discomfort in order to become comfortable. It requires letting go in order to gain control of your life. Change requires action in order to reap the results.

Resisting change is a major roadblock in recovery. If you are not willing to change the things you can, nothing is going to be different. If you want to be well, you need to swap out the negative aspects; such as eating disorder behaviors and/or negative thinking. You need to find a positive replacement for these things.  Enacting these changes will most likely be difficult and uncomfortable at first; sometimes more intense at times. But once you agree to exchange the things that aren’t working, and take action; the discomfort and pain you may experience will result in something so much greater. It will all be worth it.

Tap into your inner warrior and enact the changes necessary to move you forward in your journey. You have the power and ability to do so. Embrace change and reap the results you’ve been striving for.


Learning, growing, gaining, changing.
Recovery sucks, but can be amazing.
Progressing forward day by day.
Feeling miserable, great, or just okay.

Mind and body changing form.
Thinking clearer and feeling warm.
Change is scary and unknown.
Feeling uneasy, down to the bone.

Doing things differently is what’s right.
Even when you want to put up a fight.
Look to the future, not to the past.
These feelings of discomfort will not last.

Face your challenges, battle your fears.
You’ll reap the benefits in the upcoming years.
Change is not easy, but it’s necessary.
Give it a chance, and less burdens you’ll carry.

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