NO MORE Bulimia and Days Taken Over By Binge Eating with Clélia Froguel

Clélia Froguel

I think the most important thing for me to learn was the fact that change was possible. And that I didn’t have to keep reproducing the same patterns of behaviors, thoughts, or relationships. – Clélia Froguel

Clélia was put on her first diet when we she just around 10 years old. As the daughter of a world-renowned obesity researcher, she internalized fatphobic messages about weight, health, and dieting.

Fighting her biology, failing diet after diet (like 95% of people who go on them) and fluctuating in weight wildly, Clélia came to me exhausted and ready to recover.

In 2015, she answered a podcast announcement I made for open coaching spots and we started working together on re-programming her beliefs around change.

Her small wins began to compound one on top of another and her confidence increased. We then tackled the limiting beliefs around food and weight she held onto tightly for most of her life.

Clélia’s results are a testament to the reality that true long-lasting change is possible when you take the steps and get the right support.

Tune into this episode of The Recovery Warrior Show to hear how Clélia became free of bulimia and days completely taken over by binge eating.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The lesson Clélia learned from biting her nails that catalyzed her recovery
  • What it was like for her to reject diet mentality after growing up surrounded by it
  • How expanding her awareness of all body types has helped her accept her own more
  • Clélia’s experiences as a new mother and how recovery helped prepare her to cope with the challenges
  • Why boundaries are essential for her to stay strong and supported in her recovery

Clélia’s Quotables

Self-care is not just about doing the things that you would like to do. But sometimes it’s about making choices.

I establish very clear boundaries that I don’t want to hear about anyone’s diet. It’s definitely the boundary I need to have with anyone.

We are all so scared, and it’s okay to be scared. It’s just how we deal with fear. Is it going to paralyze us? And it really used to paralyze me. Or is it going to be something we acknowledge and notice? And then keep living and doing things we want to do despite the fear.

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