Q&A: How Do You TRULY Know What Your Motive is When it Comes to Movement with Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Jennifer Kreatsoulas

When Jennifer Kreatsoulas and I first connected I had no idea that such a powerful collaboration would take place. As the Founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders and the Author of Body Mindful Yoga, she’s in an expert in using this ancient practice to help people heal from their eating disorder. I myself, would not be where I am today, fully recovered, had it not been for starting a yoga practice while in recovery.

Given our mutual love for “therapy on the mat” we teamed up to create the Meditate and Move Mindfully Warrior Challenge.

Participants have been asking such thoughtful and sincere questions about their experience. Here are a handful that Jennifer Kreatsoulas and I cover on the latest episode of The Recovery Warrior Show, as well as her spin on the Warrior Round!

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Q. Hello warriors! I just completed phase 1 meditation. Wow- I wish I had not waited so long to do this, as I have really been anxious the last couple of days. My spirit is feeling much lighter.

I’m experiencing a lot of hesitation/resistance  towards the yoga section of the challenge and I wanted to know if anyone can relate. I’ve only tried yoga once in my life… about a month ago! It was incredibly difficult for me!!! I have disconnected from my body for so long, so of course it was hard- but it was to the point I had to stop the video because I was so triggered. Later that night I ended up binging and purging 🙁

I know so many of you, and others in the recovery community have shared how much healing yoga has provided for you,. So I want to give it a shot. I should also say that I haven’t exercised in years, either- other than mild walks. So exercise in general is hard for me- but yoga seems to be particularly challenging.


Q. I’m a little afraid to try the latest phase of the Warrior Challenge because whenever I do yoga it really connects me to my heart. And old wounds that need to be healed . The videos that were put up last week really opened my heart.

I know yoga is such a beautiful practice but afraid of being connected to my heart and wounds that aren’t able to be healed. I’m not sure how to do this practice without my heart opening.


Q. How do you TRULY know what your motive is when it comes to movement? I have a history of exercise compulsion and although I’m in recovery, I still struggle with finding nuance in exercise. Do I really like this movement, or do I like it because it makes me feel superior to do it? Do I really like pushing myself or do I like that it eases my anxiety a little? It’s so tangled and I don’t know how to unpack my true motive or intention for moving. I like moving my body but I also feel anxiety around it. Any advice in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do!


Q. When I was in the midst of my eating disorder, I use to do a lot of exercise in the house and when I began recovery I put a stop to that as it was a big trigger. How can I participate in this challenge, without falling back into old way?


Q. How often should we be doing this yoga!? I only got in two sessions this week!!


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Warrior Round

Favorite Quote

Begin again

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.
This is not going to define you for the rest of your life.
You are so much more than this diagnosis.

Definition of Recovery according to Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Doing the steps, the outward actions that contribute to long term healing.

It’s going to the appointments, it’s doing the meal plan, it’s showing up for yourself in all the outward ways consistently so that the healing that comes from repetition. Doing the work can really settle in.

Continue to show up and do the work so that deeper healing.

For Your Journey

  • Body Mindful Yoga Book Club at the School of Recovery Summer School. Enrollment opening soon!

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