Yoga Pose of the Month: Dancer


Greetings Recovery Warriors,

Welcome to December, a month usually full of celebrations and undoubtedly stress as so many of these activities are centered around food. As I was reflecting on what pose would fit for this month’s series, dancer kept coming to mind. I see this pose as a way to reclaim the heart of the holiday’s from the pain of body image and eating struggles. I see it as an invitation to accept ourselves right where we are and enjoy the fullness of life not matter how messy it can be.

The pose itself is symbolic of the yogic lesson of the Shiva Nataraja which is to balance darkness and light. The goal isn’t to be totally free of suffering, but to learn to dance in the rain, to embrace that which we fear and transform it into learning which helps us remember our innate worth and wisdom. The challenge is to embody bliss in the presence of imperfection for it’s chaos is what opens us to creativity and empowers us to manifest our dreams.

We dance for laugher,

We dance for tears,

We dance madness,

We dance for fears,

We dance for hopes,

We dance for screams,

We are the dancers,

We create the dreams.

-Albert Einstein

Won’t you dance with me?

Pose Of The Month: Dancer (Sanskrit “Natarajasana”)



“I dance through life fully embodied and empowered.”


Improves balance, stretches shoulders, chest, thighs and groin. Strengthens legs, ankles and back. Calms the mind and opens the heart.


Low blood pressure, knee or back injury.

In joy,


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