Yoga Pose of the Month: Table

Greeting Gorgeous Souls,

Are you ready to move through more of what stands in your way of wellness? This month’s yoga sequence brings you an essential tool for creating ease and peace into your body.

Table pose is the foundation for proper alignment, strength, balance and flexibility. It teaches us to be stable and accept structure and shows us how from that groundwork we can flow through life.

Table pose itself is static. But from it we can play with dynamic movements that work primarily with our spine, which is the support system of our whole body and the super highway of energy throughout our physical selves.

From table we’ll practice “cat” and “cow” poses as well as “Ganesha Mudra,” a playful cyclic movement. Lastly, a little child’s pose is part of this practice, making this video a great start or end to your day or a place to come when feeling out of whack. Watch the video below to explore some yoga with us!

Pose Of The Month: Table (Sanskrit “Bharmanasana”)


If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. – Ludacris


“I free my body, mind and soul of fear, anxiety and tension.”


Stretches and strengthens back, belly and sides (core/torso)

• Stimulates the heart and improves general circulation

• Opens hips and shoulders, improves range of motion

• Helps relieve mild depression, anxiety, and fatigue

Soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica


Recent or chronic injury to knees or wrists. Practice in a chair with arms extended at shoulder height and width instead.

In strength and grace,

Julie and Kristy

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