Your Purpose On Earth Is Not Your Body with Anna Sweeney, RD

Anna, who is a Certified Eating Disorder RD & the owner of Whole Life Nutrition Counseling, is passionate about nutrition, wellness, and whole health, and works with her clients to establish healthy and happy relationships with food, weight, and their bodies.
In this episode Anna shares her personal story to how she came to the belief that your body is NOT why you are here, and will inspire you to reframe your own purpose on this earth away from your human vessel. In this final episode of In This Body, Anna shares how living with Multiple Sclerosis shaped her relationship with her body and how it informs her work today.

There are so many factors that are coming at us at any one time telling us that our bodies are problems. I am curious about what the world would look like if we just rejected that whole construct.

Anna Sweeney

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What You’ll Learn

  • How the #inaccessibleviews movement got started on Instagram, and what it’s all about
  • Anna’s best tips for rebelling against “diet culture”
  • The way Anna now shows up in her social media presence, and why she takes this approach
  • How to properly offer assistance to the disabled

Quotables from Anna Sweeney

I am very clear that my function on this planet actually doesn’t have anything to do with my body, and I feel very confident in saying that.

I am more interested in seeing disabled people doing life than I am seeing another pretty dietician putting their body on the Internet.

We can actually use social media to grow and to expand how we show up on the planet, and the people that we want to be on the planet

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