You’re Not Alone. When Your Support System is Scarce…

Do you feel alone and without the perfect support system in your recovery journey? Throughout the recovery process, I was consistently reminded that all recovery journeys are different. Your story will not look like the person sitting next to you or the person sitting next to them. It can be harmful to compare your recovery journey to someone else’s. Instead, take what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t. Each path is richly diverse, unique, and courageous-just like our bodies.

Not All Support Systems Are The Same, Either

And although I wholeheartedly agree with this belief, I’d like to argue that our support systems, during this challenging process, are also vastly different-AND that is SO okay.

When Your Support System Is Scarce…

For a long while, I hid in shame; not necessarily because of my eating disorder, but because of my lack of “conventional” support. I did not have an abundant support circle, a life overflowing with humans who fought beside me for my recovery, who knew what I needed when I didn’t, or who reached out when I lacked the courage or sense to do so.

I attended groups and sat in grief and utter humiliation as I heard other members discuss, what I like to refer to, as a “white picket fence” recovery path. These individuals discussed their vast network of support. They had humans who consistently called to check in on them and ate with them. They were successful in any treatment modalities. I was mortified when I was called on to explain my recovery journey. But today, I am proud to say, I no longer feel that way.

I have come to recognize that all support systems, no matter how big or small, are beautiful and are a vital piece of one’s recovery.

Not Perfection, but Perfect For Me

My recovery system is made up of the most imperfectly perfect humans I know. Although I wasn’t blessed with an abundant support network, I was lucky enough to be given the best treatment team. My therapist, along with my dog Benny and three friends, have played such a critical role in my journey to healing. The words “thank you” never quite seem to be enough. Although this may not be what a “typical” support system looks like, it is unique and authentic, full of love and life-just like me.

Giving Back

I am now at a place in my journey where I realize what a gift I have been given.

During this process, we all have the opportunity to create our recovery family. Humans who help our heart feel love again, who encourage us and watch us as we navigate this ride, and who stand right next to us, holding our hand when we feel we can’t go on.

Although my recovery family is small it is so insanely powerful and a bright, shining, light on my darkest days.

I am quite certain that through this roller-coaster ride my heart has grown bigger; my love for the humans who stand by me so deep, and a vast appreciation for my journey and myself.


So if you take away one thing from this article, please take away this. Your recovery journey is special and brilliant because it is yours. Sometimes families aren’t made up of those who share the same blood. Sometimes they’re the humans who find you when you need them the very most.

You are not alone.

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